8 Golden Rules for building the agency of your dreams

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Few weeks ago I asked in a Facebook group of very experienced agency owners of what advice they would give their younger selves; knowing what they know now.
The comments I got were some gems that are very valuable for any agency owner, new or experienced.

These tips are gold and have been very useful to me so I thought to share them here.

1. Give more than you ask for. “Give, give, give, then ask.” Always provide value to clients and they will stick with you.

2. Create systems and processes (SOPs) and document your workflow. It makes it easier to run your agency and onboard new hires. Review these processes regularly.

3. Niche down. Identify a niche that works for you and become the best solution provider for clients in that niche.

4. Focus on growing monthly retainerships. It will save you from feast and famine cycle.

5. Know your customers very well (understand their language, goals, and pain points).

b. Create an asset that will be valuable to them and help them grow. Examples of assets include ebooks, checklist, podcasts, forums, Facebook groups, interview series.

6. Package your services. It helps clients to make buying decisions quickly.

7. Client retention – build good long term relationships, ask for feedback regularly. It’s easier to keep a client than to get new ones.

8. Care about your team more than anything else. A happy team would take care of your clients.

I hope you find these useful.



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