6 features your agency website should have to make it convert better

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Digital agencies are sometimes too busy helping other businesses market their services and neglect to pay enough attention to their own websites.

It’s important to put some more effort into marketing your agency; having a website that grabs attention and makes your brand stand out will be very helpful.

Here are 6 features your agency website should have in order to be an effective marketing tool for your brand and convert traffic to clients.

1. Services

Outline your services, let clients know the list of services that you offer and what you’re capable of doing. A website should showcase your best work and prove to clients that you know your onions.

2. Social proof

Prospective clients will be persuaded to work with you when they see social proof – evidence from clients who have had good experiences working with you.

Examples of Social proof are online reviews, testimonials and awards. Client testimonials could be in the form of written text or video testimonials.

Places where your brand has been featured via guest posts or media mentions can also be included on your website’s homepage. You can also embed reviews from Google My Business reviews and Trustpilot on your website.

3. Case studies

Case studies is a means of showcasing the great work your agency has done for clients. Case studies should focus on how you helped clients achieve their goals and elevated their businesses.

The rule of thumb for writing case studies is this; highlight the challenge the client had, your approach to solving problems for the client, the process and the results you got.

4. Call to action

Your agency website should have a call to action to encourage visitors to take actions that benefit your business.

Here are some examples of Call to actions that can be on your website; Request a free quote, Book a call/consultation with our sales team, Send a message, fill a contact form etc.

5. Lead Magnet

These are offered to website visitors in exchange for their contact information (email addresses). With lead magnets you can capture email addresses, grow your email list and market them in future.

Examples of lead magnets for agencies website include e-book, cheat sheet, reports, checklists, training, free consultation e.t.c.

6. Good arrangement of information

The arrangement of information on your website should be simple such that visitors can easily navigate from one part to another. You can do this by using a simple navigation menu that leads to other pages on the website.

Avoid cramming too much information on a single page. The website should be user friendly and mobile responsive.


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Team Profiles

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Having the features mentioned above in place on your website will go a long way in making it a highly converting website.


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