Dan Brag shares tips on how digital agencies can thrive during a pandemic

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We are excited to announce a new interview series #thriveinacrisis. During this series we would be featuring a number of digital agency and business owners who have been able to keep their businesses thriving during the uncertain economic times caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the first part of this series we feature Dan Brag.

Dan Brag is the founder of Brag Deal Inc. a Website design Company in Vancouver, Canada. With more than 6 years of experience in running an agency and building high end websites, Dan brings a lot to the table and recently founded Dan Brag Consulting, a service targeted at other website designers and agency owners to help them create better processes, manage projects effectively, serve clients better and build profitable agencies.

Dan shared with us some tips on how agency owners can grow their agency during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Revamp your agency

Dan advises agency owners to find time to work on all the parts of the business that they never had time to work on before. 

“This is the best opportunity to revamp everything about your agency.” 

Revamping an agency could involve reviewing your processes and what you can do better, rebuilding your website, revising your marketing strategies e.t.c.

Follow up with existing clients

Agency owners should ensure lines of communication with existing clients should be as open as ever. “Do more follow ups with existing clients to see how things are and ask them how you can be of help.”

Let your clients know that you are thinking about them.

How to generate more leads

  • Focus on Search Engine Optimization, SEO when done well can provide lots of benefits in the long term.
  • “Provide amazing quality when working for clients so that they can spread the word about your service and leave good reviews.” Write case studies and collect testimonials from every client at the completion of projects. Dan believes in the use of case studies and has some amazing and well written case studies on his agency website.
  • Another thing that has worked for him is leveraging on his personal brand to drive new untapped traffic to his business.

Dan added that he has not had to put much effort into lead generation during this period because lots of business owners have realized that everything has to be online so naturally they needed his services. 

It’s a good time to position your agency as the solution because lots of businesses will be looking to have an online presence in the coming months.

Many thanks to Dan for sharing some advice and strategies with us. You can follow Dan on Facebook and LinkedIn Dan Brag, Instagram @dan.brag. Subscribe to his Youtube channel @Dan Brag.


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