Joshua Giuliani on how to adapt your business to the new normal and grow

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In the second part of our #thriveinacrisis series we feature Joshua Giuliani.

Joshua is an agency growth consultant based in Australia with years of experience in sales and running an agency. With clients in the USA, Europe, Asia and several countries in the World, he is dedicated to educating and helping service-based entrepreneurs across the globe.

He shared some tips on how agency owners can grow their agency during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Create new and better offers

Change your messaging and marketing to adapt to the times. 

 “Some offers that worked pre-covid-19 might not work right now.”

This is a good time to be the most helpful you can be. Show prospects and clients that you’re committed to them and have their interest at heart. Come up with offers that are relevant to your clients’ current situation and provide solutions to their problems.

Get good at what you do

“If you’re good at delivering your service you will be able to grow your business”

Focus on what you do and become a master in it. It will be easy to grow your business when you deliver results and make clients happy. 

When you’re good at providing your service, you will be able to deliver results for clients, write case studies from it, keep clients for longer, get more clients and charge more in future. 

How to generate more leads

Joshua advises agencies owners to leverage on organic growth from Facebook and LinkedIn. Get involved in online communities where business owners in your target market hangout. Add value by contributing in those groups and network with people. Bring them into your social media profile funnels, have conversations and convert them.

  • Provide a great client experience

Retaining old clients is about systems; good project management, better communication, having a structure to the services you provide. Leverage on project management tools such as Trello, Click Up, Microsoft Team, Slack e.t.c.


We are thankful to Joshua for sharing some advice and strategies with us.

You can connect with Joshua on Facebook and LinkedIn – Joshua Giuliani. You can visit Joshua’s website here

Joshua has a Facebook group for digital agency owners where he shares valuable tips and host live sessions.


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