How to Create an Online Presence for Your Business in 48 Hours or Less with Landing Pages

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Every new or growing business needs a standard online presence. This is because it makes customers easier to find you. With the current situation of Covid-19 and social distancing rules there is a need for more businesses to adopt online channels of reaching and attending to customers. This article will enlighten you on how to take your business online in the cheapest and fastest possible fashion. Landing pages have been proven to be effective tools for building an online presence for new businesses or running advertisement campaigns to reach a wider audience.

First, we will discuss what landing pages are.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page in the context of online marketing is a page particularly designed to obtain and convert leads from any online marketing platform. A landing page is simply the first page you come across immediately you click on a link. It could be the home page, product page, blog post, or the lead capture page. Your website’s home page would not qualify as a landing page – since it was not created for the purpose of converting traffic from a particular marketing campaign.

Why Use Landing Pages?

Landing pages help to optimize conversion rates and lower the cost of acquiring customers for your business. The reason landing pages are very effective is that being product-specific or promotional in nature, they focus on an individual objective. This objective aligns with the interest of the site visitors interacting with your page and the intent of your product or service advertisement.

One unique feature of landing pages that makes them valuable is that you can capture the email addresses of leads. By providing a lead magnet that prospects find useful you can have people give you their email addresses. After the campaign you can follow up on your leads. This can be done through regular automated email messages or manual emails.

Use Cases of Landing Pages

There are many ways by which a landing page can be useful to your business. Your site visitors can:

  • Buy your products
  • Become a prospective customer by filling a form
  • Click your call-to-action buttons
  • Subscribe to your email list or a newsletter
  • Book an appointment
  • Reach out for further inquiries

Why You Should Get Your Business Online

A lot of small and medium scale businesses are under immense pressure at the moment. Given the disruption of normal daily activities in a bid to curb the spread of the present global pandemic (COVID-19), numerous business owners with physical shops are experiencing a decline in patronage. Many others even have their shops temporarily closed down. The only entrepreneurs that can find a way to maintain sales traffic are those that operate their business online.

Since social distancing is one of the preventative measures used to contain this virus, reallocating or investing resources to other sales channels, such as the digital world, is the appropriate step businesses can take. Whether it is on a social media platform, an e-commerce page or a website, getting your business online will bring you major benefits.

One major way of creating awareness online about your business is through ads. Facebook and Google ads are one of the most effective means of reaching your target market and increasing sales. Running ad campaigns promises more Return on Investment (ROI) than before because lots of businesses have paused their ad campaigns.

How to get your business online in 48 hours or less

  • Find an offer that suits your online business perfectly
  • Build your landing page within 48 hours (you can contact us to provide this service for you)
  • Set up ads and incentives on your landing page
  • Drive traffic to your landing page
  • Convert traffic to paying customers

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